Testimonial by Mia Fourie

A week ago I had a reiki energy healing session in combination with acupressure. During the session a calmness came over me which helped to slow down my breathing. It gave me the time to reflect and to tune in with my body, spirit and mind. While Alida was performing reiki I could feel my body being centered as if I was reconnecting with all my neural pathways so that my body's energy could flow freely once more. 

The acupressure points that were used on my hands and feet only showed their amazing results in the week to come. My body flushed itself from all its toxins that had built up and after the week had passed, I felt healthier and refreshed. 

I would recommend this type of sessions to those who are seeking natural healing alternatives

Thank you Alida for healing me! You saw I was stressed and not feeling myself, I remember what you told me to do before going to bed. I did the breathing exercises while I could feel the presence of you working through me I went to sleep and the next morning when I woke up I felt like a new person, that heaviness in my head and heart was gone and I felt so much lighter. Thank you!